Energy for Dreams

Sweet, glorious vacation! I’ve not properly been on one for almost 6 years but we’re just weeks away from finally going on a trip we’ve wanted to go on for…well, most likely around 6 years now. We’re going to Malta!

Researching this trip has been a bit of a pain. It seems that Malta isn’t very high on the list of many people of the internet/blogging age. But looking at all the travel blogs I have recently makes me want to start my own. Of course I don’t travel nearly enough for that. But that’s not the point, is it?

Travel blogging isn’t the only thing that I’ve been wanting to do recently. I’ve got a ton of ideas for awesome websites. But really no push to do them. Even my current baby, has been neglected for about a month. Though some of that has had to do with our current internet situation.

How do people find the time and energy to do everything they want to do? I may never know.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to get the fingers warmed up. Onwards to planning our trip to Malta!


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