Obi-Wan and the Curious Case of the Mormon Swingers

So I’ve been sick for a while which is why I’ve kind of disappeared. That and you know…I was so angry about what happened in Texas that I couldn’t even write about post without fear of just screaming into the void for an hour straight. But anyway, that’s a topic for another day. Today we’re talking about Obi-Wan, Star Wars as a whole, Mormon swingers…and anything else that comes up.


Let’s start with the easy one, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yesterday Jonathan and I sat down to watch the first two episodes of the new Obi-Wan show and…well…we weren’t impressed. Now I will start this off by saying that I’m not a Star Wars fan. I never have been and I never will be if they keep making stuff like this. Jonathan on the other hand is a fan and so I’m happy to watch them with him. In the prequels, Obi-Wan was the only character I really liked. Was that because I was a teenager when they came out and Ewan McGregor is dreamy? 90% Yes, 10% he was the only character who was well played and well written. Padmé should have hooked up with Obi-Wan but that’s a discussion for another time. This is where the spoilers start by the way. If it matters to you turn back now.

Fast forward to today, we’ve got PTSD Grandpa who lives out in the desert for 10 years and is still sleeping on the floor, working in the fish mines to scrape enough meat for his space camel to eat a single bite each day, while he spends the money he makes buying toys for a little boy he watches play from afar. And that’s just the starting point.

Little boy’s sister, a literal Princess gets kidnapped and instead of sending out the entire royal guard or whatever her parents ask PTSD Hermit Grandpa to save her. He’s her only hope. It makes no sense whatsoever. The bullshit excuses trotted out by the parents are weak and only serve to try to push the plot past the weak point and hope that no one notices. We noticed.

Add to this that Obi-Wan says he can’t leave because he needs to look after the boy…either…

1. Obi-Wan is sexist and only cares about the boy because he wants to train the boy and only boys can be Jedi.
2. Obi-Wan Kenobi, once great General is now such a broken man that he uses a 10-year-old boy who he doesn’t even have contact with as a shield.

Neither is great. Especially for the leading man. But we already know that Star Wars has a major sexism problem and it always has so…really nothing new there.

And those are my major complaints about the show, its entire premise. I’m going to keep watching it if only because Disney+ renewed literally on the day the show came out. But I can’t promise that I’m going to feel any better about it. Will it be a hate-watch? Nah. It’s a disappointing watch. Flea was a nice surprise though and Ewan McGregor has aged beautifully so there’s that at least.

Oh and it just needs to be said…goddamn the Star Wars universe is miserable.

Mormon Swingers

So I was on Reddit this morning and one of my favorite subreddits is Out of the Loop. It helps keep me in the loop on random things taking place that I otherwise might never have heard of. In this particular case we have a group of young Mormon married couples from Tiktok who are into “soft swinging” which from what I can tell means you can do everything but sex but like…what? There also seems to be an OnlyFans account in there and the whole thing is just so WTF. Anyway, I’ve included a screenshot of a recap of everything that has gone down and if you like soap opera level drama…boy are you in luck.

Certified Cheese Professional

Do you like cheese? Have you worked with cheese in some capacity for 2 years or more? You could become a certified cheese professional. This is a thing I just learned about and honestly…I want to be a certified cheese professional. My relevant experience? I like cheese. What will I do with this qualification? Put it in my email signature so when I email people they go full-on WTF.


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