It Was Too Much

Gamescom was fantastic. We got home super late last night and I’m still feeling like I could sleep for a week. Sadly Gamescom was just too crazy to try to keep up with blogging. The Wargaming party was what really killed it. We didn’t leave until 2 in the morning. After that I just stopped trying to keep up. But! Now that I’m home you can expect to see lots of thoughts on Gamescom, images, and amusing stories of running into bastards who didn’t see the wheelchair coming straight for them. I might even post an image of all my sweet loot in one place. I got some pretty awesome loot this year.

Be sure to keep looking back at the blog twice a day while I catch up on Blaugust. I may not have been able to keep up while I was gone but I’m not going to fail the challenge.


Handicap Travel

I’d like to start off by saying, yay! We made it to Cologne! So far the weather hasn’t been able to decide what to do. We’ve had heat, cold and rain. This was my first time ever traveling as someone in a wheelchair, so I’d like to talk about those experiences. We arrived in Dublin airport bright and early for our flight.  If you live in Dublin I highly recommend Its just a normal taxi but flat rates depending on where you’re at. It was €30 from Blackrock which is a total steal. Dropping off the luggage was fantastic. There was a line set aside for the handicapped so we sped right through. There were however two ladies who decided that my line was for them. Basically they cut in line and that pisses me off.

After that it was on to security which was a breeze. I got a quick pat down which was much less a violation of my body than the American pat down. Then it was time to board the plane. Because the plane wasn’t actually pulled up to a building I had to experience the box. Basically its a giant elevator on wheels. And for some afraid of heights it is hell. This was of course my first time in one and to say the guy fucked it up would be a huge undrstatement. First he lifted us too high and the plane door wouldn’t open. So he tried to lower us. Nothing worked. He tried for ages with no luck. Jonathan repeatedly suggested closing the door to see if that worked. Finally he did it. And got too low. So once again the door opened and he couldn’t get anything to work. Eventually I just had to do it. There was a huge gap between the platform and the plane. Two air hostesses pulled while Jonathan pushed and I was aboard. Somehow the guy never connected the dots. And the next woman who needed the box got a new box because the idiot thought mine was broken. The flight was hard. Anxiety and pain are the names of the game. Dusseldorf airport was great. They wouldn’t allow Jonathan to push me, some sort of regulations.

We later ran into the lady from the plane in Cologne. She’s here taking her kids to Gamescom. We helped each other navigate the confusing train system and even got to chat a bit about pain and things. I do hope I run into her again. Oh, and one final thing. If someone is in a wheelchair and your job is to help them get off the train, don’t let them get off at a station that has no elevator. Yep, this happened to me. And now food has arrived so I escape!


Blaugust for me will continue from Cologne for the rest of the week.

The Night Before

I’ve spent most of my day today packing and panicking over the thought that I’ve forgotten something. Even though I’ve been through everything with Jonathan time and time again I still feel like something is missing. Business cards, tickets, schedule, clothes, medicines, its all there. Yet I can’t shake the feeling. On the other hand if I felt confident that I had everything I needed and wanted then I would be sure to forget something important. So I suppose nature is doing me a favor by making me paranoid.

Annabelle Cattery

Annabelle, my sweet adorable fuzzybutt kitty went into a cattery today. It’s the first time I’ve ever used one and I realized that I have terrible separation issues. Even though she’s going to be well taken care of I felt so guilty all day about taking her away from her home, away from us. But we’ll get her back on Monday and everything will be fine. Jonathan went alone to drop her off, it’s just easier than trying to drag me all over the place. While there he met some very nice cat ladies who have inspired us to consider getting a fancy cat. They also think we should show Annabelle. I’m really not sure about how she would handle that. She’s a beautiful cat of course but her temperament doesn’t really scream show cat to me. But who knows!


I’ll be live tweeting Gamescom on the MMOGames account, so if you want to see what I see follow me! Of course I’ll also be posting daily blogs here to continue blaugust. But those won’t be until late, possibly even after midnight in some cases. Hopefully they’ll still count. It isn’t my fault Wargaming has such awesome parties! Anyway, going to keep it short and sweet today. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging from my hotel room in the lovely Cologne, Germany!


All I See is Gamescom

We’re just a few days away from Gamescom now. We leave for Germany on Tuesday which basically means that the next couple of days is going to be filled with last minute appointment scheduling, finalizing things, and packing. I spent nearly my entire day today making appointments, making schedules look pretty, and fitting one extra person into the schedule who we didn’t think we would have with us. All in all it seems to be shaping up to be a great time though.

People everywhere!

People everywhere!


The first time we attended Gamescom was in 2012. We were there representing OnRPG and it was the first convention we had ever been to. We weren’t sure if anyone would even be interested in talking to us. In the end we saw a bunch of games that were never released, and a lot more that were terrible. Thankfully a lot has changed since then! I’m now Editor in Chief of MMOGames, and we have AAA appointments coming out our ears, rears, and….I don’t know any other body part that ends in ‘ear’. Sadly, some of the biggest titles which we were expecting (and hoping) to see won’t be there. ArcheAge, EVE, and Landmark are all on the no go list. Sadface. But of course it isn’t all bad news. WoW, Guild Wars 2, and ESO will all be there. We’ll see MOBAs, shooters, MMORPGs and who knows what else. Because of course Gamescom is more than just business appointments it is hall after hall of games and geekery. This time around I want to spend more time in the cosplay area especially. So we’ll be pushing ourselves hard Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so we can enjoy ourselves Saturday and maybe a little bit of Sunday too.

Get ready for next week, because it will be Gamescom galore for blog entries! We’ll also be live tweeting on the MMOGames twitter account so if you don’t already follow us, do it! DO IT NOW! Oh, I might do one day on Germany too, just because Cologne is so awesome.



I did it! I managed to do 7 days straight of blog entries about gaming! I’m going to be taking a break from that for a while now just to keep things interesting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m taking part in the blogging initiative Blaugust run by the awesome Belghast. I don’t usually blog about games much because my day job is all about writing about games. But for the start of Blaugust I made an exception.