The Oscars Suck So I Made My Own

I hate the Oscars. Hate them for being so amazingly out of touch with reality. They’re filled with…I don’t want to call them artsy and mean it as an insult, but I’m not really sure what else to call them.

I’m talking about the movies that you can tell from the trailer is Oscar material. Dramatic, tense, tugging at the heartstrings. These are all hints. Especially if the main character’s spouse died.

These aren’t the movies people love. Okay, I’m sure someone out there loved these movies. But they aren’t the ones people were talking about. And before I get into my list of nominations I want to make it clear that I’m not saying these movies aren’t deserving of awards. I’m saying that the Oscars as they are presented, the highest prestige in Hollywood…they need to be about what’s popular.

The artsy dramas can have their own awards just like Sci-fi.

So with that…I give you my very own Oscar nominations.

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