Stargate Reboot

So, I just read an article that says they’re going to reboot Stargate. Specifically, movies. Which to me says they’re going to ignore all the stuff from TV which was like 900 times better than the movie. I feel really passionate about this so I’m going to get one line out of the way before I actually start ranting.


Fuck those guys in their stupid fucking faces.

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Butterfly In The Sky…

I love reading. I may not read as much as I’d like to anymore but that is all on me being lazy or doing other things instead. But second only to the encouragement I got from my parents to read was a little TV show called Reading Rainbow. It helped that Reading Rainbow had one of my favorite TV actors at the time on it, LeVar Burton. Reading Rainbow really I think inspired an entire generation of people, my generation to read. When the show was canceled in 2006 I was a little sad. Not because I still watched it. I’d stopped watching it long, long ago. But I was sad because that was something I always imagined my kids would watch some day. And because, much like Mister Rogers it was a quality, educational show for kids. Best of all it got them reading! Which is something that seems to be less and less popular with younger kids.

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Youtube Makes Me Warm and Fuzzy

I love watching content on Youtube. In fact I watch more Youtube today than I do regular tv. And just like you may have a favorite tv show, I have favorite youtube shows and channels. Some of them include Convos With My 2 Year Old, TheFineBros (makers of Teens/Kids/Elders/Youtubers React), and many others. But there are two people who stand out to me more than the others. Two people who, not only want to entertain but they also want to make the world a better place. They are the VlogBrothers, John and Hank Green. They post amazing videos that are educational, thought provoking, and fun to watch. John Green is also a bestselling author (The Fault in our Stars) and in fact the film adaptation of the book is in theaters around the world now.

But there is one video, posted just yesterday that really hit me in a personal way. In the video John talks about deserving things and luck. He talked about how really the success of his film, the fact that he even has a film is all down to luck. That he is no more deserving of the success than than anyone else and that it is really luck that has brought him where he is.

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Go Go Godzilla!

Two reviews of Godzilla in one entry, starting with the spoiler free for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

I have been a fan of Godzilla movies basically my entire life. This is why I went to see it opening night. Because Godzilla is awesomeness. Now I want to talk about it. I’m going to do so in two parts, starting with the spoiler free for anyone who doesn’t want to know. I’ll make sure it is really clear before we get to spoilers.

I’m just going to get this bit out of the way, the new Godzilla movie is awesome. Go see it. They go with a new approach to Godzilla which is much better than the giant iguana wanna be that was the 1990’s Godzilla movie. There are a couple of decisions that I don’t really agree with in the movie, the only one I can talk about without spoilers is the massive size of Godzilla. If you’ve seen the trailers, or the posters you can see that he is huge. Huge on a scale that he has never been before. I may not agree with it but I understand why it is the way it is. I’m just a bit of a traditionalist. But perhaps my biggest complaint about the movie is that it doesn’t have enough Godzilla in it.  But that is all I’m going to say about it for my spoiler free review. Go see it, it is a lot of fun.



Are you still here? Do you want a spoiler free experience? If so do not keep reading. Yes, I am telling you to go away. Come back when you’ve seen the movie and can talk about it.

Last check, the following will contain spoilers. If you don’t want to see spoilers stop reading the entry now before it is too late.


Still with me? Awesome. Now that we have everyone out of the way that doesn’t want to be here I am going to give my completely candid thoughts on the movie. Again, this will contain spoilers and will go in depth into the movie’s plot, characters, and anything else I end up talking about.

First things first, the trailers lied to us. They lied to us in the most beautiful way. So many trailers these days give away the plot months before the movie comes out but Godzilla didn’t. In fact they lead us to believe that Godzilla is the bad guy and Bryan Cranston is the star of the movie. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I saw a completely different movie to the one that was advertised. I would love to see this used more, so long as it is done well. That being said I do feel bad for the real star of the movie, no not Godzilla, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, aka Kick-Ass. I know Bryan Cranston is a big name now thanks to Breaking Bad, but I didn’t even know Aaron Taylor-Johnson was in the movie until just a couple of weeks ago. And he is the star! I do worry that the early death of Bryan Cranston’s character will disappoint a lot of people and result in them not recommending the movie. Sure, it sucks the character dies, Joe is kind of a crazy badass and the way he eventually goes sucks, but I love that they teased us with his death so many times that when he did actually die it wasn’t expected. Or maybe it was just me that didn’t expect it.

At first I thought that Ford (the main character) was the luckiest son of a bitch ever. But actually I’ve come to the conclusion that dude is cursed and possibly the most unlucky person ever. I came to this conclusion at the scene on the tram in Honolulu airport and it only got worse, especially that bridge scene.

I don’t like that they invented new monsters for the movie. I would have loved to have seen Mothra or Rodan be the monsters that Godzilla has to fight. Instead they went with monsters of their own creation which remind me a lot of the Cloverfield monster and by JJ Abrams relation the monster from the 2009 Star Trek film. That being said I thought when the two monsters came together was very cute and for a moment I almost wanted to feel bad that they were going to have their asses kicked by Godzilla.

Speaking of the King of the Monsters, I’ve always been a little bit torn by the idea of Godzilla being the good guy. It really is just so much fun when he goes on a rampage and destroys bits of Japan. That being said, it was a good choice for this movie. Especially because of the sizes of the monsters we’re talking about. I loved the little bit at the end calling him the savior of the city with a question mark. Damn right he’s the savior of the city. But in the end I really would have loved to have seen more of him. He should have been the star of the movie. Instead there was a lot of build up and a lot of unnecessary screwing around and a whole lot more of the M.U.T.O. than there needed to be. They got it right in Pacific Rim by just giving us all out action all the time, they should have done this with Godzilla as well.

I’d also like to stop and give a round of applause to the bus driver. Finally, a driver with enough sense to drive while the giant monster is grabbing onto the bridge you’re on.

As it is with all things Godzilla had some flaws, it had some awesome scenes and some boring characters. But I still recommend everyone go see it and possibly would even go see it again myself.

American Invasion

America is invading Ireland.

Within a distance of less than 2km (1.2 miles) there are 13 Starbucks! Thirteen! In one case they are quite literally across the street from each other. I’m not talking about one of them being a Starbucks inside of another store. Both of these are proper, sit down places to get coffee. The employees from one could look out the windows of theirs straight into the windows of the other and wave at the people working the counters at the other one. Basically if each of the Starbucks were lined up on a straight road you would get to one every 470ish feet. In other words imagine if you walked down a street and every third (American sized) building was a Starbucks. That is basically what we’re talking about here. As you can see in the map below which points out the locations of each Starbucks within this small section of the center of Dublin they aren’t all in a row. And in fact they tend to clump together.

Starbucks in Dublin

This is something very common in America. How often do you see a McDonald’s without another fast food place on an opposite corner or right next door? There is an entire science dedicated to finding the ideal locations for certain businesses. And while it is a very fascinating subject I object when you end up having several of the same exact brands in such a small area. We do not need thirteen Starbucks within a 20 minute walking distance. We do not need two McDonald’s on O’Connell Street. That being said, I will only go into one of the two McDonald’s. But that is because of the quality of people that go into them and the overall feel of them. One feels much cleaner and safer than the other. There are also two Burger Kings on O’Connell Street but if I’m perfectly honest I have no idea how they both survive as no one ever seems to eat in either of them.

Does Dublin need more cafes/coffee shops? Sure! It has always been a struggle to find somewhere to sit for a few minutes while you wait for a friend. But that need could just as easily be served with local homegrown businesses who bake their own brownies and offer strange and exotic teas from all over the world. Would I be upset about two cafes across the street from each other who serve the exact same things and have the exact same styles but were both independently owned and operated? Not at all! Because this is the type of place that fosters community. The owner/barista will get to know you if you go in regularly, and in turn you will want to go in regularly because they will know your order the moment you walk through the door. You can’t get that with Starbucks. You can’t get that with corporate life in general. You become just another dollar sign as you become a slave to what must be very addictive coffee.

“But the local Mom and Pop cafes can’t make this fancy coffee I like that comes hand ground from a three legged dog in Peru.” No, they can’t. Because they don’t get the income necessary to support that kind of thing. Maybe if that was the only drink they offered they might be able to. But variety is key to a business’ success so limiting themselves like that would be suicide. Basically all I’m saying is support local businesses and Starbucks, GTFO.

Somewhere to Lay My Head

So, I decided to make this blog because I felt like I had a lot of things to say and few outlets to actually express them in. Then I stopped having things to say. I still don’t really have anything to say but I do have a choice I need to make and damn it, that’s good enough for me!

In August I’ll be heading to Cologne, Germany for the most awesome video games convention ever, Gamescom. We previously attended Gamescom in 2012 and it was awesome. This time we decided that despite loving where we stayed last time we want to go somewhere new. Basically we’ve narrowed the search down to two places. Both with their own pros and cons. So now I need your help picking one. Below I’ll post an image for each hotel, my list of pros and cons and then let me know in the poll which you would pick. If you have reasons for picking the way you do let me know in the comments!


Best Western Premier Hotel Park Consul
4 StarsBest WesternPros:
Modern Hotel
Close to Public Transportation
Free Wifi 

Some distance from night life
Nothing in the immediate area
Breakfast is €16 per person per day

Antik Hotel Bristol
3 StarsAntik Hotel BristolPros:
Antique Furniture
Free Breakfast
Free Wifi
Close to Public Transportation
Close to Night Life

Smoker’s hotel
Nothing in the immediate area
Elevator doesn’t go to every floor

Personal Blog Stardate 67816.3

While observing the local inhabitants of the mysterious place called The Inter-net I discovered that natives would regularly express themselves using something called a Web Log. These Web Logs, or blogs as they are known, are viewed sometimes by thousands of natives from all corners of the web like setup of the net.

In an attempt to keep my cover and preserve the prime directive I too will express myself on a web log. It will include random thoughts, tales of adventure, and stories of that Human thing called….love.