I Don’t Care About Nintendo Anymore

Today I watched the E3 digital press conference for Nintendo and very quickly realized that I do not care.


To put this into a bit of perspective, I haven’t owned a “new” Nintendo console since the N64. That was in the 90’s!

Part of the problem is they’re just reshashing the same tired IPs. We don’t need another Smash Bros.

Legend of Zelda, love the idea of open world, but after so long it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Also it bothers me that the art style changes so often.
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Murder and a Preoccupation

If that title didn’t get you interested nothing will.



For as long as we’ve lived here there has been a beautiful giant blackberry bush/wall in our back yard. Birds have nested in it, cats have hidden in it and the berries were terrible. But it made the yard beautiful. In fact we have a beautiful green yard which I really fail to do anything with. But today the bush is no more. It has been cut down to be replaced with a fence. Maybe a wall. Either way we have gone from this beautiful yard full of life:

There was a fox eating carrot cake, in 2012.

There was a fox eating carrot cake, in 2012.

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