Butterfly In The Sky…

I love reading. I may not read as much as I’d like to anymore but that is all on me being lazy or doing other things instead. But second only to the encouragement I got from my parents to read was a little TV show called Reading Rainbow. It helped that Reading Rainbow had one of my favorite TV actors at the time on it, LeVar Burton. Reading Rainbow really I think inspired an entire generation of people, my generation to read. When the show was canceled in 2006 I was a little sad. Not because I still watched it. I’d stopped watching it long, long ago. But I was sad because that was something I always imagined my kids would watch some day. And because, much like Mister Rogers it was a quality, educational show for kids. Best of all it got them reading! Which is something that seems to be less and less popular with younger kids.

But now LeVar Burton is back! Reading Rainbow is being brought to the new generation through apps and videos and even straight into classrooms. And of course it couldn’t be done without the support from viewers like us. They’ve gone to Kickstarter and in just a few short hours have already made it more than half way to their goal of 1 million dollars. Though I don’t have children, and I likely won’t have any for quite some time I donated to the cause. And it really is amazing how many people are getting on board. If you haven’t already, do check it out. And even if all you can give is $5, that is $5 that will be put to really good use.

Reading Rainbow is proof that TV can change lives. I can’t imagine how many lives have been touched by this amazing program or how many more will be after this Kickstarter campaign reaches it’s goal. I hope they have stretch goals planned!


Edit: I had planned to put the widget in to follow the progress of the campaign but it seems that because I use WordPress free I can’t do that. Lamesauce.

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