Stargate Reboot

So, I just read an article that says they’re going to reboot Stargate. Specifically, movies. Which to me says they’re going to ignore all the stuff from TV which was like 900 times better than the movie. I feel really passionate about this so I’m going to get one line out of the way before I actually start ranting.


Fuck those guys in their stupid fucking faces.

Ok, I feel a little better now.

I  am a huge fan of Stargate. I might even go so far as to say I prefer it over Star Trek. And for me that says a lot because I LOVE Star Trek. The movie…was nice. And sure! I always wanted to see an SG-1 feature film. Or even Atlantis. But rebooting the entire thing? That is going to piss off a whole lot of people. Yes, the fans want Stargate. Yes, we will take it in theaters or on tv, or even on youtube. But this is the wrong way to do it. We don’t want a reboot. They have an amazing universe they’ve set up over years and years of tv shows. And they’re just going to throw it all away. Why?

“It worked for Star Trek.” I swear if that is the reason I will explode with rage. It isn’t like the actors are too old. Or even that the concept is too old. I’m sure that almost every single one of the actors from any of the Stargate shows would gleefully return for more. I don’t want a new, sexier Stargate. Stargate is already sexy. Give us a damn show!


Oh and one final note. If they even think about using the character George Hammond in these movies…I just…no. Just no.

Stargate fans do not want a reboot.

We want our universe back.


One thought on “Stargate Reboot

  1. The real bitch of it all? We both know we’re going to go watch the movie if/when it comes out.

    I know that the writer behind the movie kept putting out books with his own vision for Stargate and they are/were fundamentally incompatible with the show.

    What really annoys me? We had another SG1 tv movie and the Atlantis tv movie in the works until MGM ran out of money. Now they have money for a feature length film reboot? Eh… no. I enjoyed the first movie but there’s one Jack O’Neill.

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