Blaugust Day 3: Game Recommendation Speed Round

Yep, it’s one more day of game recommendations and also one more day until we leave for Germany! Why? Because they’re easy and I’ve been busy getting ready to go away for a week.

Cologne Cathedral

Previously I talked about my recommendations for the various business models for MMORPGs and a MOBA. This time there will be more games recommended for a variety of different interests.

Voxel Based: Trove

I love games that let you build things. But I don’t really feel like Trove is that kind of game. Yes, you have an area you can build in but it’s more of an exploration/dungeon crawler than anything. This is a game best played with friends or even family. I imagine that kids would adore Trove.

MMOs That Let You Build: Landmark

If you want to build something then Landmark is the way to go. It has fantastic graphics and some of the things that have come out of it are amazing. I hope Everquest Next is equally as amazing.


MMOs That Let You Create Content: Neverwinter

If you’re looking to make your own custom stories and missions look no further than the Foundry in Neverwinter. This system is available in other Cryptic games but it is really in Neverwinter where it shines. It really gives Neverwinter that little extra feel of being D&D that hasn’t been seen before.

Roleplayers: None

I have to say, this really surprises me but I don’t actually have an MMO I’d recommend for RPers at the moment. Do you have a suggestion for one? It would seem I’m in the market.

PvP: Guild Wars 2

So this might seem like a little bit of a strange choice but I’ve picked Guild Wars 2 because it has such a wide variety of PvP options. You have your one on one PvP, your massive server vs server mobs, and coming soon is a new type of PvP that is a bit like a MOBA. There is also a competitive scene for those who are into that sort of thing. All in all Guild Wars 2 has a well rounded PvP scene.


MMO For Newbies: Guild Wars 2

Are you new to MMOs? Try out Guild Wars 2. There is seriously no more newbie friendly game on the market. Combat is quite simple. Yes, there are things like conditions and combos but these are more advanced things that a new player can ignore until they’re more comfortable with the basics. Players won’t be overburdened by having more than one quest to complete at a time as everything is region based.

That’s all for today. Come back again tomorrow when the first of my Gamescom Blaugust posts goes live!


This is the second day of Blaugust 2015. Blaugust is a games blogging/vlogging challenge put on by the awesome Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut. Find out more about it on

3 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 3: Game Recommendation Speed Round

    • Never tried to create something, but the player created content feels similar to the foundry of STO to me: there is a pile of bad stuff, often with bugs and problems, with some shining gems in between. Thanks to the rating system, you can focus on playing the gems and have fun, without being too troubled by the lower quality stuff.

  1. My recomendation for RP is TSW.

    While i an not roleplaying much myself, my girl loves it and she got stuck in the RP community of TSW. She also runs her regular radio show (MP3 stream) on one of TSWs online radio stations. TWS got two radio stations, Radio Free Gaia which originates from it, and Gridstream Productions, which originates from Anarchy Online but mostly migrated to TSW by now. Unique among MMOs is how much support RPers get in this game. For example there’s the Albion Theatre, where players can rent the stage for 3 hours, set up the background, put a variety of props on the stage and enact their own show. (Which again is where my girl has the in-game part of her radio show. ) Next to the game having more features catering to RPers than most MMOs, the community team also supports RP events, for example the community manager quit often turns up as surprise-guest (surprising even for the DJs running a show) at those radio show events.

    Next to that, as i already said, i don’t roleplay much myself but due to my girls passion i tend to do some organizing around RP activities and here again TSW wins. While sometimes some more features would be nice, TSW always offered me enough options so i could get things done myself without asking for GM support. Still i also know of other RP people who asked for it and easily got it, unlike in many other games. The only other game where i asked for GM support for some RP event and actually got it, quickly and easily, was Anarchy Online, another Funcom game. This makes me suspect that their third MMO out there, Age of Conan, probably also allows you to get good GM support when you need it for a RP activity, but as i haven’t played that yet, i can’t tell from experience but i just conclude based on experience from their other games.

    So yes, in some way i now have to add #IAMTSW here, not only in terms of story but also in terms or RP support no other MMO i played is better.

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