Blaugust Day 2: More Game Recommendations!

Yesterday I actually thought I would get a lot more recommendations in than I did. This has sort of worked in my favor however as I’m writing more than one blog post a day so I don’t have to worry during Gamescom. So if you’re looking for my recommendation on the best subscription based and buy to play MMORPGs head over to yesterday’s blog because we’re moving ahead!

Free to Play MMORPG: Rift


By the time Rift had gone free to play I had already moved on from Rift. I had previously played Rift from beta up to the launch of the first expansion. When I logged in I couldn’t help but feel they had done F2P badly and I certainly wasn’t alone in this. But, Trion worked it out and now it’s one of the best free to play MMORPGs on the market. It has a fantastic, well developed setting and zone wide events mean that every time you log in you will have a different experience. The store is filled mostly with cosmetics, mounts, and other things you don’t really need but you overwhelmingly feel the urge to buy.

Why did I stop playing? There are two reasons really. The first was something I saw very early on in the game. They were burning through the big bad bosses of their story too quickly. Every couple of months a new dragon would be taken down. So I was extremely disappointed when my fears proved to be correct and the Storm Legion expansion was announced. What did it have to do with the original story? Very little. There had never even been hints of it before. Imagine Rift is a novel. Storm Legion is another novel that has absolutely nothing to do with Rift but it’s written by the same author. Then that author decides to change a few names, move the location of the second novel to the same world as the first and call it a sequel. That’s what Storm Legion felt like.

The other reason I stopped playing is something I will admit is totally on me. It was sort of the final straw that pushed me over the edge. I don’t do raids. Big group things just aren’t for me. So Jonathan and I spent months grinding and crafting to get the very best gear we could for Storm Legion. Then on the very first day of the expansion, the very first drop from the very first mob was a white piece of armor that had better stats than what I was wearing. All that hard work had been for nothing. This was the first time I’d ever been in an MMO that had an expansion, I knew I would have to get new gear for it eventually but to have everything I’d worked so hard for crushed so quickly? I was heartbroken.

MOBA: Smite


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I will say straight off that I’m not a MOBA player. I’m a roleplayer, not very competitive, and I like story to be a major driving component in a game. With that being said I do write about MOBAs quite often. I see news about them every day and just like a little kid watching football with daddy I have a favorite team even if I don’t understand the game. (Go Fnatic!)

So why do I recommend Smite? When you think about MOBAs you think about eSports and toxic communities. Or maybe that’s just me. League of Legends is easily the most toxic of them all. Yes, Riot is making efforts to end this, but for now League of Legends and toxicity go together like System of a Down and Toxicity.

And it is the lack of toxicity around Smite that makes it the one I recommend. Oh, I won’t for a second pretend that there isn’t any toxicity, it’s a competitive environment so of course there is. But you don’t read about the terrible community, you read about how they’re coming out with new skins, or expanding to the Xbox One. They have a fantastic competitive scene and it is easily one of the top three games in the oversaturated MOBA market. There’s also the fact that they pull from real life for their playable characters which appeals to my inner Anthropology nerd.

So there you have it, two more recommendations from me. I’ll have one more day of recommendations, a sort of speed round. I know already it will include RP and PvP, but if you’re looking for a game that does well for a certain requirement let me know!


This is the second day of Blaugust 2015. Blaugust is a games blogging/vlogging challenge put on by the awesome Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut. Find out more about it on

5 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 2: More Game Recommendations!

  1. I need to give Smite a shot. I keep hearing good things, but I never find the nerve to try it. I haven’t hated my time in HOTS for similar reasons. People seem to be ever so slightly nicer than in League there.

  2. Hmm, Rift. I played it till close to max level (59). Then i took a look into the macro programing and realized that two well built macros were able to play the game better than any player. I never made it to 60 after realizing that, it killed all motivation.

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