Plants and Zombies, Oh My!

Nearly a month after it was announced I learned that the little Plants vs Zombies Facebook game is being shut down in October. I played it for a little while back when it first launched, much as I do many games I come across on Facebook. Sadly it just didn’t live up to the Plants vs Zombies name for me and I quickly left. And my total reaction to the closure was, “Meh.” But at least it inspired this blog post so I suppose it did something positive. I’ve played almost every Plants vs Zombies game that has been released.

Plants vs Zombies

I actually resisted playing PvZ for a long time. I’d heard of it and knew that everyone was playing it. That naturally made me not want to play it because I’m difficult like that. Of course once I did play it I was immediately in love. I quickly played through the story and jumped into mini games. Even now I still log in from time to time to play.

Plants vs Zombies Adventures

This was the little Facebook game that is being shut down. I was excited for it because it was the first PvZ game we had seen in ages. So when it launched I jumped right in. It was…well, it suffered from the same things all Facebook games do for early adopters. There weren’t enough people to complete the tasks. So I eventually reached a point where I couldn’t continue because not enough of my friends played. It is clever, make it so you need friends to succeed and in theory you’ll recruit friends. But I think this method backfires far more often than it succeeds. So in the end they have to change the game or die. I would say most of them die. And even the Plants vs Zombies name isn’t enough to keep this one alive.

Plants vs Zombies 2

I’ve found Plants vs Zombies 2 to be a bit of a disappointment. Not only is it incredibly easy but also it feels like the soul of the game has been removed to make room for the business model. In my mind PvZ2 is more like Adventures than it is the original game. And that makes me a bit sad. It also leaves me uninterested in playing further.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

From the first moment I saw PvZ GW announced I knew I wanted to play. It feels like they went back to their roots (pardon the garden pun) with this game. What amazes me even more is that it’s a shooter and tower defense game. Two types of games I am very much not known for enjoying or playing. But I bought it. In fact it actually counted as a pre-order. I got it just a few hours before the pre-order ended. Unfortunately it was only afterwards that I realized my computer couldn’t run it. Not on a 64 bit system yet. Which is totally my fault. I can’t wait to play it though.


This is another blog entry in the Blaugust blogging initiative. We’ve been at it for 10 days now, though it hardly feels like it.