Here Comes Sierra!

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog about games for the next few days. But after seeing today’s news that Activision is bringing back Sierra I just had to. The best games of my childhood came from Sierra. And some that are a bit older than me too. If you aren’t entirely familiar with the name here are a few famous titles they made.

King’s Quest
Space Quest
Leisure Suit Larry
Half-Life (Publisher)

Still not ringing any bells? Get off my lawn you youngin’!


The great news is they are going to be at Gamescom. So I am just a few short days from finding out what they’re planning on releasing! (I hope!) And of course, as soon as I know I’ll be tweeting about it and trying not to injure myself as I bounce in glee.

Hopes and Dreams

But, I am realistic. Just because they’re bringing back Sierra doesn’t mean they’ll be bringing back one of the old games series that they worked on. Or even worse, they could be bringing it back just to make another Leisure Suit Larry. Oh god what a disappointment that would be. But if they were bringing back King’s Quest or even Space Quest…well I would go back on my not playing single player games. Or if they made an MMO in that style…yeah, I’d pretty much give them all my money.

Larry on GOG

Right after I first saw this news I saw that Leisure Suit Larry was being pushed on GOG. I was instantly filled with dread. Is this a sign of things to come? Or was I putting too much thought into it? The world will have to wait until Tuesday to find out. Until then my paranoia level will be pushed to 11. And if my paranoia is right…if they are doing more Larry…I will be so depressed. Right up until I see something so amazing it counterbalances the suck.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to return to squeeing.


We are now 8 days in to the Blaugust blogging initiative! If you want to see just some of the awesome bloggers taking part check out this list!

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