All I See is Gamescom

We’re just a few days away from Gamescom now. We leave for Germany on Tuesday which basically means that the next couple of days is going to be filled with last minute appointment scheduling, finalizing things, and packing. I spent nearly my entire day today making appointments, making schedules look pretty, and fitting one extra person into the schedule who we didn’t think we would have with us. All in all it seems to be shaping up to be a great time though.

People everywhere!

People everywhere!


The first time we attended Gamescom was in 2012. We were there representing OnRPG and it was the first convention we had ever been to. We weren’t sure if anyone would even be interested in talking to us. In the end we saw a bunch of games that were never released, and a lot more that were terrible. Thankfully a lot has changed since then! I’m now Editor in Chief of MMOGames, and we have AAA appointments coming out our ears, rears, and….I don’t know any other body part that ends in ‘ear’. Sadly, some of the biggest titles which we were expecting (and hoping) to see won’t be there. ArcheAge, EVE, and Landmark are all on the no go list. Sadface. But of course it isn’t all bad news. WoW, Guild Wars 2, and ESO will all be there. We’ll see MOBAs, shooters, MMORPGs and who knows what else. Because of course Gamescom is more than just business appointments it is hall after hall of games and geekery. This time around I want to spend more time in the cosplay area especially. So we’ll be pushing ourselves hard Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so we can enjoy ourselves Saturday and maybe a little bit of Sunday too.

Get ready for next week, because it will be Gamescom galore for blog entries! We’ll also be live tweeting on the MMOGames twitter account so if you don’t already follow us, do it! DO IT NOW! Oh, I might do one day on Germany too, just because Cologne is so awesome.



I did it! I managed to do 7 days straight of blog entries about gaming! I’m going to be taking a break from that for a while now just to keep things interesting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m taking part in the blogging initiative Blaugust run by the awesome Belghast. I don’t usually blog about games much because my day job is all about writing about games. But for the start of Blaugust I made an exception.