I Don’t Play Single Player Games Anymore and That’s Ok

I realized perhaps three or four Steam sales ago that I just don’t play single player games anymore. The last game I bought that wasn’t an MMO was Guacamelee. It looked adorable and fantastic, so exactly the sort of thing I would enjoy. I never even installed it. That being said though, I am still glad I bought it. Not only am I supporting the art of video game creation but I also bought it on Humble Bundle so my money also went towards charity.

But this got me thinking. Why don’t I play single player games anymore? The answer seemed rather simple actually. I looked at the games I’ve played in the past. Duke Nukem, Civilization, Age of Empires, Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, Harvest Moon, The Sims and others. I realized that they all had one thing in common. When I played them I wasn’t just going through the motions. I was roleplaying in my head. Even as a small child I longed to play games with other people, I just didn’t know it.

That is, until 1999 when I tried out a little game called Everquest. Even in Everquest though, I didn’t quite understand what it was I was looking for. I stood under the Wood Elf city and cried out “Bored girl looking for bored boy…” It continued and I don’t remember the rest anymore sadly. But it was there I met Matthew. At least I think his name was Matthew. It was a long time ago. We eventually got to a point where we would play together all the time. And our characters even got married, as I recall it was actually a GM who performed the ceremony. Sadly time went on and I lost touch with him. Though hey, if you happen to be reading this, mystery Everquest friend, send me a message!

Somewhere between there and finding out MSN had chatrooms I discovered I was a roleplayer. I had always been a roleplayer too. But in these wonderful chat rooms I could roleplay with other people. It wasn’t just acting out something in my head, it was people who were like me, interested in telling a story. I eventually went on to roleplay in City of Heroes and the rest is history.

I suppose what this really all comes down to is that I’ve never played single player games alone. There were always others, though they were invented and only in my head they were there. Today I am happily MMO exclusive. I won’t player shooters or games that make roleplaying difficult or impossible. Does this mean I’m missing out on some great stories? Yeah, most likely. I’m told that The Wolf Among Us is amazing. But, unless I decide to buy it on Steam sometime because it’s really cheap and install it ahead of time to play on the rare occasion of not having internet…I’m never going to play it. I’m missing out, but I’m ok with that.



This entry is Day 6 of the Blaugust blogging initiative. My current goal is to write once a day about gaming for an entire week. This week ends tomorrow. At which point I’ll talk about whatever comes to mind for a few days before we’re off to Gamescom where I imagine it will once again be all gaming.