I Want to Write MMO Fan Fiction

I don’t know why but today I’ve suddenly been struck by the urge to write fan fiction. I’ve never had this desire before but suddenly today, for two different MMOs I find myself wanting to write fan fiction. To make it even worse I don’t want to insert myself or my own characters into the story. I want to use the characters that are already there! What have I become? In case anyone is wondering the two games are The Secret World and Guild Wars 2.

Over the weekend I completely binged on Guild Wars 2 and caught up with the living story. All I’m going to say is we better get Rytlock back. So there you go, a little spoiler. Rytlock will be involved. If I ever write it that is. Which, eh….I doubt. The other game is The Secret World. I don’t really have anything in mind for that one yet other than the atmospheric surroundings of Kingsmouth.

I’m not sure why but I’ve always looked down on fan fiction. Part of it I think is the hate I feel towards people self inserting into stories. You know how it is, they get the characters of your favorite game/movie/tv show perfect and then there’s this one girl who they all love who was never in the show. Yeah, that’s the writer.

But there’s also the fact that writers so often get characters wrong, or change them to fit the story they want to tell. Of course the idea I have for Guild Wars 2 is guilty of this very thing. Which is why it’s so odd that I want to do it. And also why I’ll likely ignore the idea entirely.

I’m also ashamed to say that only 4 days into Blaugust and I’m already out of ideas for things to write about. Though amazingly gaming has been the focus of every one of the entries so far. Sooo….I’m going to try to do it for a week! Of course next week is Gamescom, so that will make things easier. And then so much harder. Anyway, I suppose that’s all for today. Short and sweet.



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