Say No To Adblock

There is something that happens on the internet every day that I don’t understand. Okay, in reality I’m sure there are a lot of things happening on the internet that I don’t understand. But there is one thing in particular that I want to talk about today. I don’t understand how people who work online can justify using adblock.


Lets take an example of one of my co-workers. He has adblock on all the time. Sure, when he visits a website he gets a pretty, ad free environment. But he’s also hurting the owner of that website. Yet at the same time he turns around and expects other people to “enjoy” the ads on the website he works for in order for him to be paid. How is this ok!?

Maybe, maybe I’m just looking at things differently. I see it as one big you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours situation. You make money doing things online? So do I! Lets help each other out. So on Youtube I let the ads run (sometimes), I have never installed adblock, and I even click on ads from time to time. Because my hope is that if ever you’re on my content that you’ll do the same for me.  And in the end that means we all profit.

You know, when I started writing this I thought I’d have a lot to say on the topic but all my thoughts go a little something like this:


But basically what I’m saying is, please, for all the people who make things on the internet, get rid of adblock, let the occasional Youtube ad run. Because without the funding from that people wouldn’t be able to continue. Because in the end the internet is a bit like PBS. It really is only possible because of viewers like you.


This entry is brought to you by the pirate letter ARR, as part of the ongoing Blaugust series and is only made possible thanks to viewers like you…thank you.



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