I Don’t Care About Nintendo Anymore

Today I watched the E3 digital press conference for Nintendo and very quickly realized that I do not care.


To put this into a bit of perspective, I haven’t owned a “new” Nintendo console since the N64. That was in the 90’s!

Part of the problem is they’re just reshashing the same tired IPs. We don’t need another Smash Bros.

Legend of Zelda, love the idea of open world, but after so long it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Also it bothers me that the art style changes so often.

The only things that really were of any interest to me were Mario Maker, a build your own Mario game…game. And Splatoon, an adorable 4v4 multiplayer. Of course because I don’t own a WiiU I will never actually play either of these games.

All of this makes me a little sad. Nintendo used to be King. It used to be, when I was growing up that it was Nintendo or GTFO. Though I did have a Sega Genesis as well it was Nintendo that owned my heart.

Part of the problem is that yes, I am basically an online only gamer now. No more single player games for me. Sure, I have a few for when the internet is down. But Nintendo has nothing to offer me and it kind of feels like the end of an era. Even though really that era has been over for me at least for a very long time. I’ve only now really accepted that they have nothing for me.


Now for a small, shameless plug: You can find all of my E3 coverage on MMOGames.


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