Murder and a Preoccupation

If that title didn’t get you interested nothing will.



For as long as we’ve lived here there has been a beautiful giant blackberry bush/wall in our back yard. Birds have nested in it, cats have hidden in it and the berries were terrible. But it made the yard beautiful. In fact we have a beautiful green yard which I really fail to do anything with. But today the bush is no more. It has been cut down to be replaced with a fence. Maybe a wall. Either way we have gone from this beautiful yard full of life:

There was a fox eating carrot cake, in 2012.

There was a fox eating carrot cake, in 2012.

To this giant hole where we basically just have one yard with our neighbors. Of course this will be changing. They’ll be putting up either a wall or a fence. Either way I doubt it will stand eight many feet tall, and it most certainly won’t be attracting birds.





We will almost certainly be finding things to plant. We have such a beautiful green space, I want to take full advantage of it. As well as get it back to being beautiful quickly. So if anyone has any suggestions we’re looking for some pretty bushes something similar that do well with little sun. Helping zombie-proof the yard is a huge plus.



Finally, just a little bit on where I’ve been. I’ve certainly had a lot to talk about. And in the coming days when I have time and energy I will be talking about them. But for now I’ve been focusing on creating an online portfolio.

This week is of course E3. Which for those of you who aren’t gamers that will mean nothing. But this is basically Christmas for a gamer. The  time when new games are announced, expansions get announced and so much more. It is an exciting event taking place in Los Angeles which I hope to one day attend. So even though I’m watching it from Ireland it will be keeping me super busy.


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